Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Workshop

Search Engine Optimisation - what is it ?

You have worked hard to build your business, you have spent money on advertising telling people about the benefits of buying your product/service from you, and now you have just spent several weeks building/ getting your web site built and have just searched google and your web site did not appear..You patiently wait another week, and still no results, finally a month passes and still no results so you submit your web page again to google.....

Stop Hiding your Business - SEO Workshop / Training

Without knowing, you have just delayed your entry into the Google index and if you continue to re-submit to google, you may be banned altogther... Do you realise that not all webpages are indexed by Google and that it may take up to 26 weeks to be crawled and indexed by google. When you are indexed by google then this is when people can find your web site using the google search.. These are just some of the valuable tips which One on One Training will discuss during the workshop and which many other SEO seminars will not tell you.

The workshop will look at

  • Why is SEO important
  • SEO Basics
  • The technology behind the major search engines
  • Improving your SE Ranking
  • Optimising Static Content
  • Dynamic Content and SEO
  • Google Sitemaps and SEO
    • Getting Indexed and crawled
  • Essential Tools
  • Google Page-Rank and SEO
  • What next? Taking the next step!
    • Web Applications and SEO

SEO Training Contact Information

For more Information please contact the NEIS office at Holmesglens Tafe (03 9564 6835) to make a booking for the 14 August or contact One on One Training directly

This workshop is offered with the valuable assistance of Aus eCom Connections who also offer a SEO DIY workshop / SEO Training for Small Business. Full customised Web site and online store design; all avaialble at very competitive rates.

Training + Mentoring

One-on-one Training understands how confusing it is to receive all the information at once trying to absorb the information and then to apply that information is daunting. To assist is this one on one training offers hands on practical experience working on your own site during the training/ workshop.

One on One Training offer the additional service of individualised mentoring after the training is completed. Ensuring you are not left alone and left wondering how to execute your plan

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